The Big Tent Together


This has bothered me for a while but didn't know how to resolve it  - till now!!!

I make glass, some of it is erm not considered appropriate for under 18s so a lot of traditional sales platforms are not always completely welcoming to my entire range of work but it's still me so I object to having to censor what goes where.  I've also started taking my work to fetish markets as it's not exactly a secret that I fit there too but doesn't necessarily define me.

So after much tyre kicking and pondering this is the plan, and as usual with me it's a good and cunning plan that requires you to place pencils up your nose and shout wibble! Bouncing the idea with others  the phrase Big Tent was suggested to me.  I'd not heard of it but wow it sums up the logic perfectly, plus my uncle really was a circus clown and I still have his bowler hat so the big top has always meant a lot to me.

The plan is basically a kink friendly Etsy style platform where we don't care what you sell or what's in your range of work - obviously due to laws there are some things that would still be questionable but you're an adult and you know this so I shan't labour that point.  Many makers and crafters I've met recently make a range of work and would like the freedom to be able to just say "yep I made a flogger AND some cute earrings" and not worry about posting both on their same page.  And likewise buyers would like to be able to access kink friendly products without too much hunting.  Why shouldn't we make it upfront and mainstream??

Idea:  for a flat fee per month list whatever you want on your own page off a collective site linked to your own paypal; no additional percentages, stupid hidden fees because your cat photobombed the shot and this Tuesday we're doing a cheaper fee if your cat is in the photo (you may be giggling, but those of us who have navigated these sites KNOW I'm right!!!)  

We'll set up a blank template page for you to populate so across the site there is a unified look and overall style that customers recognise, all you have to do it take pictures (with or without the cat) and upload them with prices and content.  You can add your own facebook, twitter etc to your page and if we all follow each other we can get it trending on social media platforms.  The world has changed so much and the traditional high street is gone, so let's make our own!

We start small, yes to begin with it will be me cursing buttons from the dining table and once it's more established we set up a more robust website with forums, attract advertisers, promotions, share events, health and welfare facilities - the list of useful and helpful things is endless once it's going.

Your commitment:  sign up for £15/month and agree to three months to start with, October 2021 free to get us going.  NO extra fees, total control of your own page content (legal issues aside).  We set up # on instagram, twitter etc etc and if we all use them we can generate some good collective traction and get us ALL seen and ALL benefit.  

Obviously, I'm an ideas factory and detail is left squarely to Manni to go oii Bernard ...... what about??? These are the links that exist so far, others coming soon and if anyone wants to help in the background for reduced monthly fee then we're open to that discussion too! 

Twitter link: