New year, new start

So, 2020 - you were a delight weren't you?? Well, actually in a weird way yes you were to me.  I've always been a creative little hippy soul who's happier picking daisies than growing show-stopping roses with fancy names and oddly the chaos forced me to re-evaluate my life, my dreams, my hopes and examine what is it I really want??  You know as a kid teachers ask 'so, Angela, what do you want to be when you grow up??' Don't think you were supposed to ask erm do I have to grow up?? Why??  And please don't think me trying to find the positives is negating in any way the truly awful year that 2020 has been in so many ways for so many people around the world, the devastating effects will be felt for many years, if not decades to come and only time will tell what the true cost to the world it's caused.

So back to the question of what do you want to be when you grow up, I always wanted to be either a writer or an artist but I didn't quite know what sort and that's because I'd not been introduced to the world of glass fusing as a child.  I was fortunate enough to meet some incredibly talented people and they taught me bits and it just set off a chain of wonder that has never quite been resolved, until now.  Due to the pandemic and all the world slowly shutting down I recognized very quickly that without some creative outlet and self-imposed routine I would, ever so slowly, go completely mad (hecklers that know me in real life can pipe down at the back!!) I did some research and purchased a kiln, I then spent many months learning, testing, trying, improving until I was at the point that actually I have some pretty decent ideas and the quality is good.

There are other aspects to my character some may not be familiar with.  Since my late teens I have read tarot and been aware of the other worlds that merge into ours like auras, crystals, Angels, tarot and many other disciplines.  Some kindly pat me on the head as this little pixie of hippyness wrapped up in paint-covered dungarees but knowing deep down I'm very happy in my own little world.

I was fortunate enough to attend a psychic development course at Equinox locally and this helped me gain confidence to use Angels, understand their place and help for us and also started to expand my ideas of work I could make in 2021.  I've always been drawn to colours, to chakras and always known I hear things that aren't necessarily there but it's just me and as they say in Practical Magic, you can't practice magic while you're looking down your nose at it so one of my things this year is be more open about that side of my life and how it influences me.  

My personal card for the year is the Ace of Cups, and it didn't really come as a shock.



She is the start of an emotional journey and I think she represents my creative journey and the fact that I'll have to believe in myself more and more as I go along and that's ok, that's a good thing.  Feelings that aren't quite explained yet but will be in time which is why I like it.  And the blog will document my interest in Angels, in nature, in colour, in self healing and in making fun things as we go through this new year.  I hope everyone has managed to find some positives from last year even if right now they may still be hard to find, especially for those grieving people they've lost, look after each other,

Pixie x