Friday, November 13, 2020

Does size matter??

This question bothers me on many levels and the answers always bother me even more.  The fact we even ask it says that unfortunately, yes it does matter.  It's like the old question of which country is more civilised? The one with many laws or the one with none?  The answer is none because if everyone behaved rationally and with kindness to others there would be no need for legal redress.  And interestingly I asked does size matter but didn't say the size of what yet most women will instantly think of body size - that's conditioning for you!

For as long as I care to remember myself and female friends have questioned how we look, our weight, our clothes, hair etc etc yet ultimately we should have always been asking the questions only for ourselves, not for external validation.  Yes, there is a reality check that if you're a diver you need certain clothing before the pedants wade in! For the most part though it shouldn't matter that much so why do we attach so much importance to what is ultimately a shell that contains our soul?

It's no secret that a few years ago I was really rather ill with a period of depression and while some comfort eat I basically lock the fridge and yes I lost a lot of weight and was rather ill because of it.  There was a concern over whether I was actually anorexic due to my poor body self image but the reality is that it was the depression pixies feeding this anxiety, they do that - they pick up on cues and amplify it to an unmanageable proportion.  So, an artist friend of mine twigged what was happening and did something rather lovely for me.  We made stuff based on my physical shape so I could start to see what the world sees.  In my garden I have a concrete bum as a stepping stone and I used to have a full size sculpture of me.

Years ago I was fortunate to see some pieces by Niki de Saint Phalle outside the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the image stuck with me.  I didn't realise at the time quite how important that image would become to me. 

So, the reasoning behind my piece was that in my head I was way bigger than the reality and he wanted me to actually SEE my true size.  By wrapping me in chicken wire I had to feel my shape as each curve was created, it made me incredibly aware of my physical shape.  And then the hours working with the modroc and paint again reinforced how others see me.  I'm not a perfect airbrushed model, I have wobbly bits and bits that I'd love to be firmer but the reality is it's me and I rather like me now.  There was a time when I desperately didn't, but I had to come to terms with the difference between an outer shell and the internal character.  The shell is just like the window dressing, the character is what makes you, you.

Social media can be particularly damaging, many gifs especially when you head towards anything sexual or erotic are mostly white, slim, toned women.  I've seen incredibly few short black women, or wobbly bums! I can tell you from the swimming pool changing rooms women come in all shapes and sizes, and even if they take the same dress size their bodies will still differ.  Sadly for many this mixup of self, identify, self worth and image are all muddled up together and believing that if you just somehow toned that wobbly belly you'd get the man of your dreams or that promotion.  Now, I'm not going to pretend that certain roles do not require a certain physicality but that isn't the same as looks or not having a wobbly tummy.  

So, the idea - I've always wanted to do these sculptures with women for women so they learn how beautiful every shape is and begin to own and value theirs.  Parks full up and down the country would be an amazing sight!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Chakras - and their importance

Deep down we all know that we're connected to things outside of our control, some call it their gut instinct, some say I just had a sixth sense about something.  That odd feeling when something tells us not to cross the road just yet and seconds later a car comes whizzing round the corner and had we crossed we wouldn't be here.  There are many stories like this around the world and the truth is yes we are all inter connected.  

I choose to work with the Chakra colours as they are based on reflections of light and that's such a beautiful thing to do when you are surrounded by glass that basically twinkles and reflects all the time.  Adding candles to coloured glass makes any room cosy so I find it incredibly relaxing to consolidate and build on that connection.

Essentially they are points within the body that control different functions and are represented by different colours.  From teaching, I'm also aware of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and I've always considered the linkage from this to the Chakra colours and the different functioning we each need.

I've always been one that some days I just NEED to have yellow around me, and on reflection it's me being aware of which Chakra is misaligned so needs a little boost or a bit or help.  I instinctively pick the crystal I think will help me most on any given day but I'd never really looked into it that deeply and just allowed intuition to guide me. Scientifically glass reflects at different rates so it's not a total surprise that this resonating can affect the physical and mental body too.  Think about when you hear music and the beat or tone can be felt through your body, just because you can't necessarily feel the colours vibrations doesn't mean it isn't having an effect.  Some also struggle in the winter with seasonal affected disorder and use light to correct the imbalance.  So this idea that light and frequencies affect us, while it may be anecdotal and not fully recognised in science, does appear in many articles and blogs.

So, back to the Chakras.  I decided to use them as a base for my work and even if you don't buy into the Chakra logic they're pretty and look colourful together and I always think the world needs more colour! Anyone who has met me in real life will attest to the fact that magnolia is definitely NOT a colour I accept exists or would ever use!  Over the coming weeks I plan to go through each colour and use pictures from around my home and garden to show how I use them to boost my own energies.

Have fun out there, and start listening to which colour you need around you,

Pixie x