It begins!


Hello and welcome to my happy little world of friends, glass, cats, food, garden and generally pottering about in the shed!  I found myself in a situation where due to Covid my work had dried up and like many was twiddling my thumbs and getting ever so slightly bored.  Those that know me in real life know that a bored me is a dangerous me so I started thinking - if I could do anything what would I want to be doing?  The obvious answer is always doing something creative.  I've always dabbled, everyone has the watercolour sets and old brushes or card making stuff and I've tried many things over the years.  I was fortunate to be introduced to some amazing glass workers a few years ago and they were kind enough to help me learn.  The love of working with it has never left me and I've been umming and ahhing for a while now so decided why not? I'd never get such an opportunity again and let's face it, life is short to be stuck on a treadmill.

So, after a couple of skips, several injuries, battling to fix a shed roof and the kiln delivery guy taking pity on me the studio was set up.  He really was a helpful delivery driver, he wasn't supposed to bring it inside but took one look at little me and one look at the huge pallet and rolled his eyes in a kindly way and lugged it in for me!

I've also always been interested in holistic healing like Reiki and chakras and hope to use that in some pieces soon too.  Already had a couple of chats on twitter about others doing guest posts on what they enjoy doing too so that will be lovely as time rolls by to see how others use them.  The other side of me loves the sensual and celebrating the aesthetic of the body, not in a smutty way but in a positive, affirming way so some of the work may seem slightly erotic but it comes from a sense of celebration and art.  There is still so much I want to learn and try, some will work, some will be met with a grumpy stompy footed reaction and a little scrunched up nose looking for the chocolate! There will sadly also be many references to my stupid cats that obviously adore a snuggly kiln to sleep by, no cat hairs are included in work unless that's something you really want!

The blog will end up being a mix of creative stuff and general ramblings - sadly I have to wait 10 hours each time I press fire so the small brain needs an outlet and if you follow me on twitter you will already know this, feel free to mute now! I really am very fortunate that I have a childlike 'what if??' sense of the world and decided life is too short so let's see where this adventure takes me,

Have fun whatever you do, Pixie x