The Secret - a guide for living


Go on, admit it - how many of you made resolutions, or vision boards, or goals for 2021?? I know I did, but then something didn't feel quite right about the way I was approaching it.  It all seemed to centre around I won't do this, I want to leave that behind and I began to realise they were all negatively formed phrases.  I remembered that years ago I had been gifted the book of The Secret so decided to revisit it.  It was a wet rainy afternoon so why not put the film of it on.  It is on youtube and currently on UK Netflix and if you haven't seen it, I thoroughly recommend that you do as it alters your way of seeing things - for the better.  The book is also available written by Rhonda Byrne.

So, back to the 2021 vision boards.  Initially I'd started the way most do, a list of things to change and again it sort of centred on negative things.  What The Secret teaches you is the universe doesn't recognise can't, won't, and so on so leaves those words out.  So, if you keep saying I don't want to be fat it leaves out the word don't and yep you got it you keep reinforcing that you will be fat.  So, rather than focus on what you don't want focus on what you DO want.  But make it sensible, don't say I want to be thin - say I want to be the healthiest me possible.  But then there's another layer to The Secret, write these phrases as if they have already happened so it now gets changed to I AM the healthiest I can be.

So we have a transition from:

I don't want to be fat
         I want to be healthier
                I am healthier

And once you start making that transition in your mind you begin to attract what you want, you may bump into a health coach, stumble across a good cooking article, find youtube links; but you will attract what you need because you've already told your subconscious that this is the person you are so you begin to believe it which in turn makes you happier about your food choices, cooking choices and so the positive cycle evovles.

What the book tells you is imagine the Universe is one giant department store and you can have literally anything you want, and make a list! You want a new car, new partner, better health - whatever is important to you, write it down.  BUT make it into a now statement.  So if you want to have a new car imagine it's already sitting outside your house and you have the keys, write down I am driving my new red car.

Now, this isn't just a way of selfishly fulfilling your wishlist like some genie in Aladdin; it's also about appreciating and recognising you are responsible for your own joy.  Not your boss if they were kinder, not your kids if they cleared up more, not your partner if they paid you more compliments but YOU. Your joy lies within you and it's up to you to realise and appreciate that.  Sure, it's easy to go 'I'd be happier if I were 10lb thinner' but would you?? Really?? How is being thinner really altering your headspace??  The body is temporary, it's a shell to contain you so being thinner doesn't really alter your perceptions or your attitude that much.

The other thing that comes out loud and clear is love yourself first, because if you don't then why should anyone else? Now this is a tough one for many, we often have difficult histories and stories but sadly so do many and we can't change what happened to us.  But we can choose to see that we're still here, we live with it and manage it perhaps, we can choose to see the good things we do for others.  Often the most damaged are the most helpful to others because it's far easier to do nice things for others than thinking we deserve them too. Been there, got the Tshirt and now I use it to clean paintbrushes because I like painting and it seems a fitting use for it.

Also, one of the things it says it talk about the things you want more, talk about them with passion, with excitement, with energy.  So, if you've always wanted to get an MA for example imagine you have the books, imagine the joy you can share with others when you have that qualification.  See yourself as having already achieved it.  Energy flows where attention goes so if you're constantly saying I'm rubbish at this - guess what, the universe will go yep we agree so here's some more to feel rubbish about!

The other critical thing is you have to believe, so there's no point half heartedly saying well yes of course I want to be healthier .... you're about to throw in a but statement, but I can never do it, but I can't get to the gym.  The minute you pause and add in that but statement, forget it.  You don't believe it will happen so guess what, it won't and your cycle of negativity continues.  So ask and truly believe in your heart that it's possible.  And accept that perhaps what you get isn't quite what you expected but it'll be what's right for you so say thank you.  So make the list but make it with bold, clear, honest intentions - not because Sarah in accounts wants something and you like Sarah in accounts; but for YOU!

So the key message is:

You can achieve, be, do anything you want - but what do you actually want?? Think about it properly for a minute or two, for YOU not your kids, not your partner but YOU?

The law of attraction works like a magnet - what you desire you attract, so the more negative thoughts you put out the more you'll get back, simple.

What you think about you bring about - again, negativity breeds negativity but happy breeds happy.

Your feelings will drive what you achieve, we each have yucky situations to deal with but how you feel about it as you're dealing with it will cause the ripples going along.

Don't apologise for wanting something - a child hasn't learnt they are not the centre of the world so why not be bold and say you know what, yes I do want that promotion.

So, firstly    
    ASK - write your list to the universe
    BELIEVE that it's possible, be bold, be clear and just accept it will happen
    RECEIVE - this is often the trickiest as we don't always see the gifts let alone accept so just say            thank you and accept them

So here we go, vision board 1 BEFORE watching - usual list, often negative and quite frankly even by my standards a little dull!

Board 2 AFTER watching, it's jolly and pretty and doesn't follow straight lines (remind you of anyone?!)  None of this is a list, it's all I am and imaging I'm already there.

I'm not expecting to magically become a great glass artist overnight without working at it, but I am expecting to now enjoy the process more.  To take more joy from it, be more passionate, share that excitement with others and maybe you too can use it to find you magic, just have fun with it!

Pixie x